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Educational Aid

Count on Networking for Life when you need reliable student support services. Our organization also offers educational programs to ensure students succeed with their academic and endeavors.

Medical Services & TEEDS

Try our medical equipment services today and find out how you can aid our student beneficiaries. Become a part of our dedicated group which continuously supports students who are in need of educational assistance.

We are currently hosting our "SKIP-LUNCH-FEED-EDUCATION"  fundraising campaign.

Thank you for your interest and support with helping to change the way students think about going to school and their lives after high school!

Turn-key Program

The Networking for Life program is a Turn-key program and user friendly for all students in any school environment. Students starting as early as the 3rd and 4th grades can implement the program with 3 friends in their school or neighborhood to become part of their own high achieving team. The students will learn many valuable life skills that will last their team a lifetime. The Networking for Life program is outlined in our, "Networking For Life - The Educational Process." Parents with prekindergarten children enrolled in child care facilities, can recommend the program to the child care Director as parents can ask for more family building educational activities for their children. The added benefits of the Networking for Life program includes generating more parental involvement and communications with teachers in their communities in the best interest of building a long-term positive educational foundation for your child and their friends before they start kindergarten. As we move further into the 21st century, it is clear that students need to learn more than what is being taught in school to prepare them for a better quality of life after high school. For more information on how to start our program in your school or neighborhood contact our foundation to schedule an appointment to learn how to get started.

Who We Are

Networking for Life is a devoted student assistance foundation based in Dallas, Texas. Being in the Child Care - Youth Educational business for more than 20 years, we provide purposeful student support services for high-achieving student beneficiaries. Also, our medical services technical team has over 25 years service experience providing quality medical equipment services for equipment located inside hospitals and clinics. We're currently on the search for generous and dedicated youth volunteers. Any form of support will certainly go a long way toward helping us achieve our mission. Networking for Life believes that more students are needed in the high tech medical field, thus Networking for Life Medical builds bridges connecting students to high tech positions in the medical industry. If you are a Doctor, or work in a hospital or clinic, use Networking for Life Medical for your medical equipment service needs and help build the pathway leading students to new exciting career opportunities.

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Mission Statement & Objective Statements

The mission of Networking for Life is to use technology and resources to change the way students think about going to school and their lives after they graduate from high school.

Objective statement - to empower students to envision their future places in the workforce and guide them through the steps to achieve their persoanl goals for employments.We help students with making decisions about the cources they need to take in high school and what type of post graduate education they will need such as::

Technical School - auto machinics, programming, medical assistant or tech, computer maintenance, AC-Heating repair, welding, electrician, building & construction, lab technician, building painter, court stenographer.

College or University - nurse, doctor, business administrator, sales, law, cpa, teacher, medical research.

Art School - dance, acting, artistic painting, graphic design, screenwriter, author, hand crafted items.

Apprentice Programs - jeweler, carpentry and furniture.

Small Business Owners

Top 175 Occupations to choose from!

Contact our student assistance foundation in Dallas, Texas, and help us pursue our noble mission. 

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